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These are some of my favorite writing resources or things I have learned along my writing journey that I wanted to share.

General Writing Help:

How about this? You’re stuck in your story and don’t know how to fix it. Try changing the POV.

YA specific: Adventures in YA and Children’s Publishing. Includes writing tips, query advice, workshops and tons of helpful articles.

Donald Maas on plot twists.

How to write a book in 30 days (A great collection of worksheets from The Guardian – you might be prompted to log in)

Every story needs conflict. Here are some Tips for Increasing Conflict by one of my mentors, Eileen Cook.

The Creative Academy is also an excellent resource: Courses, Community, Writing Sprints, and Publishing advice from a talented group of professional authors and indie publishers.

Critique Groups:

Every writer needs a critique group to improve their writing. Here’s some best practices for creating your own. The article also includes a self-assessment to determine your own needs first.

Perhaps, you want to try an online group. Here’s an article reviewing some of them.


Dialog can be truly difficult for people.  Try these 6 tips to improve your dialog – by Eileen Cook


Stories are about characters. Here’s some tips to get yours rolling:

Got Protagonist? – a great piece on how to write a good protagonist.

Character Interview Questions – great place to start!

Character Worksheet

Using McClelland’s Needs to Define Character

Three Musts for Creating a Good Main Character

38 Ways to Check Your Character for Life Signs

The Seven Laws of Successful Villains

Five Ways to keep Your Characters Feeling Real in a Fantasy Setting

How to Show vs. Tell:

One of the best resources I’ve found online for this is from Writers Helping Writers. They used to host the Emotion Thesaurus as a website. Now it’s a book. Their new resource is https://onestopforwriters.com/.

This Pinterest board from One Stop for Writers is full of advice on how to show emotion.

Creating Emotional Frustration in Your Characters – a thought provoking article from Writer’s Digest

How to Make Characters Vulnerable to Readers and What do your characters falsely believe?


Here’s some tips for polishing those words:

Strengthen Your Fiction Writing with a Find and Rework List – A very handy tool for cleaning up your writing.

The Turkey City Lexicon – a list of some of the more niggly writing mistakes. Here’s another link. (each one is a little different)

Eye Bookisms penned by one of my mentors, Alyx Dellamonica.

Work to eliminate these writing crutches that insult the reader’s intelligence.

Seven Vampires that Suck the Life from your Writing.


Eight things Writers Forget When Writing Fight Scenes

Building Book Sales – The Path to 10K

List of Book Publishers

17 Steps to a Reader-Grabbing Title

Seven Lessons Learned from Writing a Series

With a little luck, you’ll never need it, but in case you ever do, here’s how to deal with book piracy, by Stephanie Lawton.

Agent Kathleen Rushall compiled a page full of great information for writers, especially writers of children’s and YA books.  https://www.kathleenrushall.com/resources/


Self Publishing:

Interested in knowing what’s involved in self publishing? Try this Step-by-Step Guide to Self Publishing by  Tiana Warner.


Writing Excuses – If you write genre fiction of any kind, you should be listening to this.

Helping Writers Become Authors Podcast – by K.M. Weiland. Lots of useful information here for all levels of writers. (Her web site is also very useful).


I am always pinning Writing resources in Pinterest. You can follow my board and pins here: https://www.pinterest.com/lvoisin/writing/


This page is a work in progress. Do you know any good writer resources for editing and polishing a draft? Please share them below. Also, while I do try to maintain this list as best as possible, if you happen to notice a broken link, please let me know.

7 thoughts on “Writing Resources

  1. Amelia says:

    Hi, Lisa, as well found your tips very helpful in my writing but in am trying to start writing a novel. You see I have great ideas and write a lot of short stories in my free time and all my friends say they are ok (better now that I have started using some of your tips), but I can never seem to find a topic that I can write more than a few pages on. If you had any advice for me I would very much appreciate it.

  2. Starr O'Hara says:

    Hi Lisa. Could you please include Odyssey Writing Workshops in your list of resources for writers? We are a non-profit organization that helps aspiring and neo-pro fiction writers hone their craft. We have held a six-week residential workshop every summer since 1996 for writers of science fiction, fantasy, and horror. Additionally, each winter we host three online classes for writers of all genres. I also have a press release about this year’s online classes, if you would like to help us spread the word on your blog!

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