Join the ‘Street Team’

Be an Angel on the Street – Join The Watcher Saga Street Team

What is a Street Team?

The idea comes from the music world, but it’s becoming increasingly popular in the book world as well. Street team is a grassroots group of people who ‘hit the streets’ to promote an event or a product.

Instead of cash, street teams are  rewarded with free merchandise or  access in exchange for a variety of actions:

  • setting out postcards and  putting up posters in your community
  • bringing friends to book signings and readings
  • phoning your local book stores to request the book be ordered in
  • tweeting about my blog or my book
  • posting reviews (if you loved the book)  to Goodreads, Amazon and other online resources, such as: Facebook, Twitter, tumblr, or blogging about the book.

You don’t have to do all of these, but every little bit helps. You can give bookmarks to friends and family, blog about The Watcher, write a reviews, tweet or facebook about it, and leave comments on my website or blog.

Remember: There’s no obligation to do any of the above suggestions, only what you want.

Yeah, but what do I get?

  • You will receive swag (bookmarks, postcards, advance notice of giveaways like free books and gift cards, etc.)
  • You’ll have opportunities to get ARCs of upcoming novels.
  • You’ll learn the secret angel hand shake.

You’ll also have a chance to win things like:

  • Signed books
  • Help with the Cover Design

Contact me directly at lisa[at]lisavoisin[dot]com for more information.



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