The World of The Watcher Saga – A Compendium – Part One: Angelic Weaponry

When I first started writing The Watcher in 2009, I had no idea how deep into the world of angels and demons I would go. As I created, I realized certain rules would have to be in place. Until now, I kept most of them in my head. I thought some of you might find this information interesting. So here’s the first part of the world created for  The Watcher Saga.

Before I get into angelic weaponry, I thought I should define the role of Grigori:

Grigori –  The Grigori refers to the tenth choir of angels. Some texts say that all Grigori were bad, because they were responsible for that bit in the Book of Enoch where the sons of Heaven mingled with the daughters of men. I’ve written about that in my post: Grigori: Heaven’s Bad Boys. In The Watcher, I kept some of the information in the Book of Enoch and then elaborated on it. In The Watcher, sin is described as an illness that afflicted the angels and manifested as the seven deadly sins. While some Grigori did become sick, which made them fall, not all the Grigori did. The remaining Grigori still serve as protectors of the earth and hold the line against darkness. They oversee world events and attempt to guard humanity from demonic threats of a larger scale. In this world, people do not necessarily have guardian angels, but rather this force protects them. They are more like a military force than individual bodyguards.

The Watcher lettering

Angelic Weaponry

Halo – a protective ring of golden-white light and fire that spherically surrounds an angel. Usual range: 5-25 feet from body. Can be extended. Can also be used to cloak a space and make something within the halo invisible to human eyes. Demons may not see either, but they can sense the light. The halo itself is unseen by humans, unless a person is clairvoyant or trained to see it.

Halo flare – Halos can also be extended to clear an area of evil. Lesser minions can be destroyed by a strong halo force. Can be used as a weapon. Its strength depends on focus and ability. An angel can flare a halo up to 50 yards. If angels work together in the network, a larger area can be covered.

Host – The angel collective consciousness. All angels are connected via a massive network (see Network). When an angel is connected to the Host, light shines around him or her. When an angel speaks, the voice of the Host echoes from them as music.

Intention Sword (or sword) – An angel’s main weapon. It can be solid (silver), like a baton, or blue light and fire. It will slice through anything. If there is evil presence, the evil will be destroyed, or cut away. It will cut demon flesh, but not human flesh. So if a demon is possessing a human, the demon will be damaged but not the human host. An intention sword will not cut a human. It can be used as a baton to subdue a human. It is stored as a hilt and “intended” to its full length by an angel’s intention.

Network – An energetic grid work connecting all the angels to each other and the Host (all angels working together). It can be used for communication, for healing, and
as a force to be wielded for protection. It helps restore an angel’s power when injured. Connected to it, angels can wield light against the darkness.

Without a connection to the network, angels use their own stored power but it can run out. If it does, they will fatigue and need sleep (which they normally do not require).

Sigil – An energetic shelter or protection of light over a space, such as a house or a yard. Made of blue light laced with silver filigree. Repels all lesser demons and demons. Does not keep out fallen angels.

Ward – a larger version of sigils, covers regions (such as the Pacific Rim region) and keeps demons off the earth plane. Usually keeps demons out, though some bleed through. Even fallen angels can be blocked by wards to some extent. They cannot come in full form, but have to possess someone to act here on earth. Made of gold and white light, though Mia has never actually seen one.


Well, that’s it for Angelic Weaponry… by all means, let me know if you like this sort of thing in the comments (please! I may not always have time to respond, but I do LOVE comments!)


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