Today is #LetItGo Day


Hello and welcome to ‪#‎LetITGo‬ day, sponsored by InkSlinger PR.

#‎LetITGo‬ day stemmed from Ann Aguirre’s book, I WANT IT THAT WAY. One of the characters finds freedom when he lets something go that he had been holding on to. In the book, you see him physically do something to represent the act of letting it go and then finding peace.

While reading, the wheels started turning! We all need to have a day to let things go. We’ve all had those moments when things play over and over in our head, when we hear the whispers of being told we’re not good enough, when we find ourselves paralyzed by something. Some of us are affected by this in ways we think others could not possibly understand. So…#LetItGo day was formed. In the midst of ugly and dark things happening all around, we want to focus on freedom and finding peace. And September 3rd, 2014 is that day.

This world has a lot of heartache. And we don’t have to hold on to things. We want freedom and peace to reign! So join in on September 3rd and #LetItGo!

Come #LetItGo with Us! – Twitterchat


There’s a #LetItGo Twitterchat tonight, September 3rd from 8-9 pm EST, and we would love for you to join in the fun! The hosting authors will be:
  • Ann Aguirre
  • Megan Hart
  • Nyrae Dawn
  • Lauren Dane
  • Monica Murphy
Come share your #LetItGo moments and stories, ask authors questions, and celebratepeace and freedom with us!

What I’m Letting Go Of: Mental Chatter and Fear

As someone who’s been studying and teaching meditation for years. I’ve come to know the difference between the silence and peace of being connected to my spirit and the noise of mind chatter. By mind chatter, I don’t mean the thinking that’s involved in writing, or working, or doing practical things. I mean the mind chatter that comes from fear.

When people approach their spirit and learn to listen to the truth within, the mind becomes afraid that it will lose control.

Then the chattering starts. Some people call it “monkey mind”. It’s the voice that constant worries, natters away at you, and tells you the same message over and over: you’re not okay.

It tells you that you need to lose weight, change who you are, work harder, push harder. But it’s all from fear.

So you could say that today, I am letting go of fear and all fear-based motivations. Yup. All of them.

Not healthy fear, the kind of fear that tells you not to go down a dark, creepy looking alley at night. I mean, the psychological fear, the kind that always compares itself to others and find the self wanting. The kind that pulls me out of the present moment.

That’s my #LetItGo pledge.  What would you most like to let go of to experience true peace and freedom?

If you can’t make the twitterchat, and even if you can, I’d like to encourage you to have your own #LetItGo moment today. If you do, please share them with me in the comments below. You can also tweet them, video them, or share them on Instagram and Facebook.

4 thoughts on “Today is #LetItGo Day

  1. Catherine "Kitsy Clare" Stine says:

    Ooh, which of my worries would I let go of? Probably the worry that with teaching part time and two book launches this fall, I will have WAAAYYY too much on my plate to do it all successfully. Whatever successfully means. Okay, letting that go, and I’ll do the best I can with it all.

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