Winged Wednesdays: Angels in the Office?

I apologize for not writing a Winged Wednesdays post in a while. I took on a new writing contract this month,  which has been a great experience, but it’s also taken me into the office and away from my usual Internet access.

Angels "angeling" in the window of St. Mary's Church, Rye, England.

Angels “angeling” in the window of St. Mary’s Church, Rye, England.

Sometimes, I need a little inspiration, so I do a quick search online for angels and see what I can learn. Today, I learned that according to St. Augustine and St. Gregory, the term angel is actually the name of an ‘office’. In other words, it does not describe who and what they are, because the entirety of what an angel is apparently reaches beyond human comprehension. “Angel” is just a job title.

According to Dominicana Blog’s A Rumor of Angels, acting as a messenger is “neither essential to an angels’ being, nor is it an angel’s primary task.” It’s apparently what angel’s do, how they make themselves known in action, but it is not what they are. It’s their day job. Or the “office” they go to every day.

So if writers are writing, angels must be angeling :).  They are masters of spiritual realms, carriers of God’s message or the wavelength of Love. And there’s more than just a few of the famous ones. There are even more of them than we can possible imagine.

Knowing that just makes everything seem a bit brighter somehow. Even in my humble human office at my new job. Maybe one day, I can visit that angel office. What do you think the water cooler gossip would be like in the angel office? Give me your best guess in the comments below!



5 thoughts on “Winged Wednesdays: Angels in the Office?

    • lvoisin says:

      Ha! Good one! I wonder if they go on vacation and talk about the surf on planet X or something! Thanks for visiting! BTW, the window was even more stunning live.

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