Winged Wednesdays: Don’t Blink

It’s been a super long time since I posted anything, and I’ve been doing JuNoWriMo all month.  So this week, I wanted to do something fun with my Winged Wednesday post. I can’t help but pay homage to another favorite TV angel: the Weeping Angels in Doctor Who.

Whoever said that angels can’t be creepy hasn’t seen this. When I first saw the episode featuring these creatures (Blink), I couldn’t sleep. These angels also appear in three other episodes: “The Angels Take Manhattan,” “The Time of Angels,” and “Flesh and Stone.”


So, any Doctor Who fans out there? Which episode featuring these angels was your favorite?


3 thoughts on “Winged Wednesdays: Don’t Blink

  1. Erika Ebbeson says:

    Dear winged Lisa, Thanks SO much for our healing time last night. It was an entirely new world today. Two weeks it way too long between healings, even with all the Power Dancing, MW, Light wielding, etc. Hoping you are feeling better and better. Take extra good care and Big Love. Hope to talk heal share soon, E

      “Seen through the eyes of gratitude, everything is a work of heart.” -Me


  2. Tonette dela Luna says:

    Naturally, I had to comment on this. 😉

    Intriguing and terrifying. Their intro episode left me chilled to the bone. While I haven’t watched this season due to time constraints, I know there is more to come with these winged slabs of concrete. I plan on marathoning the eps and keeping the lights on, too.



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