Release Party for The Watcher

A few weeks ago, we held a release party for The Watcher at North Vancouver’s Cafe for Contemporary Art. The theme of the event was “Wear Your Wings”.

The evening was a great success with many attendees decked out in a variety of winged t-shirts, jewelry, tattoos and even shoes!

Some angels even came to pose with me.

Lisa and the Angels

Bryony from A Company of Fairies gave free angel card readings in full costume.

Bryony as “Aria” the Angel, giving angel card readings. Photo by Shawn Connelly.

Of course, there was a reading.

Lisa Voisin reading from The Watcher

We even have a fabulous photo of Vals from Training in Power Academy being in two places at once (you might want to ask them about courses on how to do that!)

Notice anything unusual about this photo? Like someone appearing twice? Click this image for the full size. Photo by Shawn Connelly.

For more images of the event, please visit the Flickr page.

Thanks to everyone who attended this event and for making it a huge success.


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