Winged Wednesdays: Dating a Demon? Take this easy quiz to find out!

This post was originally a guest post I wrote for as part of The Watcher Blog tour – but as of today, Jessabella Reads is no longer available. So I’m reblogging it as part of Winged Wednesdays.

Could You Be Dating a Demon?


Demon (Photo credit: ark)

Everyone loves a little danger in their dating life, which is why bad boys are so hot. But what if you’re in over your head? What if that bad boy you’re so crazy about is really a demon?

1. On your first date, he:

a. drives you on his motorcycle to a seedy bar on the wrong side of the tracks (even though you’re underage).
b. pulls up in front of a bank, puts on a stocking mask and tells you to keep the engine running.
c. picks up take-out and drives you to a drive in to watch the latest horror flick.
d. takes you on a quick tour of Hell.

2. You’ve been dating a week, and your mom wants to meet him. He:

a. suddenly has an emergency out of town.
b. shows up drunk.
c. says he’ll be there but suddenly bails.
d. dumps you for your mom.

3. You’re out together and you happen upon a mugging. He:

a. crosses the street to get out of the way.
b. high fives the mugger. They’re friends.
c. takes a photo with his smart phone and uploads it to Facebook.
d. laughs, trips the mugger, and takes the spoils for himself.

4. Things are getting serious. His parents come to your place for dinner. Their names are:

a. John and Martha, and they’re really devout.
b. Critter and Becky-Sue, and they’re both on parole.
c. Greg and Evangeline, and they’re both doctors.
d. Beelzebub and Lilith, and they’re “contract negotiators”.

5. It’s your third date. He expects:

a. you to take things to the next level (sex).
b. you to take him out somewhere expensive.
c. you to move on — he has!
d. one of your vital organs (for some sort of “ritual”).

6. In a relationship, he’s looking for:

a. someone who shocks his parents.
b. a partner who will help him bury the bodies and drive the getaway van.
c. relationship? You’re kidding, right?
d. followers, and not just on twitter.

7. His favorite food is:

a. all American: Bacon-double cheeseburger and fries.
b. his grandma’s engine-baked squirrel with moonshine.
c. adventurous: ethnic or spicy.
d. human souls.


Is he or isn’t he? How’d you score?

Mostly a’s – He may seem a bit badass, but he’s just your standard rebel. Probably trying to shock his Baptist parents.

Mostly b’s – He’s a general badass, which is bad newsfor you. We’re talking a potential criminal or addict, but not a demon.

Mostly c’s – He’s a thrill seeker and a bit on the irresponsible side with some serious commitment issues.

Mostly d’s – This guy is beyond badass. He’s a demon. Yes, really! Get out of there!

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