Winged Wednesdays: Ten signs your boyfriend is really an angel

So you’re seeing this guy and he seems wonderful in so many ways. Maybe you’re in that first flush of romance, where every look, every touch has meaning. He’s kind and considerate. He remembers not only your birthday, but every detail you’ve ever told him, like your parent’s anniversary, or your dog’s birthday. If this guy were any sweeter, you’re sure he could walk on water.

Maybe his powers are supernatural. Ever thought of that?

Here’s ten ways to tell if your boyfriend is really an angel:

1. He’s Graceful

Part of being an angel is to live in God’s grace, that means being graceful. He’s not the type to crash into the coffee table or trip over his own feet, nor does he clump around with two left feet on the dance floor—in fact he’s a really good dancer.
He moves silently, too, so that there will be times you don’t hear him coming. That’s so he can sneak up on demons, and whisper the truth in people’s ears without them knowing he’s there. Sometimes, you might be the only one who sees him. He’s okay with that.

2. He’s Independent

This guy has his own thing going on. Since angels don’t really need to sleep, he’s usually out all night fighting demons and protecting the world from evil. While he wants to be with you, he may simply not have time. He needs you to trust him, especially when you ask him where he’s been all night, he really can’t tell you, because angels can’t tell people what they really do, not even YOU. In return, he will trust you and not act jealous or possessive when you’re out with friends.

3. He has strong protective instincts

He’s not controlling, but he will be protective of you—fearlessly so. If he senses you are in danger, he will try to warn you. If you refuse to listen, he will turn up at the last minute to save your life. This is the kind of guy who, if you’re watching TV together and he hears a noise, he will get up off the couch and see what’s going on. He knows there are dangers in the world, and he will stand in front of you to protect you–as long as you let him!

4. He’s humble

This guy doesn’t have a huge ego. In fact, because of what pride did to Lucifer, all angels keep their egos in check, so he doesn’t brag or act all high and mighty about things. While he may have nice things and dress well, he’s not flashy. He doesn’t wear a lot of jewelry or drive a flashy car. He doesn’t need to. He can fly faster than a Maserati!

5. He’s really easy on the eyes

Angels are better looking than we are, and your angel boyfriend is no different. He’s hot… like celestial hot. We’re talking tall, well-built and Henry Cavill kind of hot. There will always be a light in his eyes, even when he’s sad. At times, he’s even got a bit of a glow around him. That’s his halo.

He may be so humble that he’s in disguise and not super-hot, and he may look kind of ordinary, but even then, there will be a light in his eyes and a glow to him that makes him stand out.

6. He’s really well-behaved

In addition to being super-hot, this guy is well-behaved. He’s kind, thoughtful and polite. He’ll open doors for you and help you with the dishes. He’s not the kind to pressure you for sex or kiss and tell either. Angels are good at keeping secrets.

All your friends will love him, but don’t worry, he only has eyes for you. Your pets love to be around him and may trip over you to hang out in his lap, so his lap may get a little crowded. Your mom thinks he’s awesome. Everyone loves him (except maybe your dad, but that’s another story).

7. He’s responsible

Angels answer to higher laws than everyone else, or perhaps they’re just aware of those laws and act accordingly. If this guy does something wrong, he owns what he’s done. He doesn’t try to wriggle out of it or blame others. He’s accountable and you’ll find it refreshing to be around someone like that. Sometimes, you might not even know or understand what was wrong about what he did, and that’s okay. He’ll make it right.

8. He has an excellent memory

He remembers special occasions, like your birthday, your favorite color, and the anniversary of your first date—even from your past lives! This guy has an excellent memory and will remember things the average person forgets—like the sixteenth century!

9. He doesn’t carry a cell phone

Since angels operate at a different vibrational frequency than humans, they don’t interact well with our technology. Things like cell phones and even computers don’t work around him sometimes. When he waves his hand below the automatic dryer, it may not register. This guy may need you to push the elevator buttons for him. Don’t make a big deal about it.

If he happens to have a cell phone, he may not use it. This is a good thing. It means when you’re on a date, he’s spending time with you–not texting or tweeting his friends (see He’s really well-behaved, above).

10. He has wings—and a sword

Not just wings, but really big wings. They’re invisible most of the time, but if he really cares about you, he may show them to you. His sword is pretty cool too. Oh, and he can perform some basic miracles, like heal your wounds. But he’s pretty low key about it. Angels are humble, and so is he.

If your boyfriend meets all of the above criteria—congratulations! You’re dating an angel. If all of the above happens to apply to you, then you may be an angel too! If you suspect you know an angel, or even if you don’t, please comment below.

Note: If he’s a fallen angel, some, or all, of these may not apply. (I’ll cover how to tell if your boyfriend is a fallen angel in a future post.)

By the way, if you happen to like the idea of having an angel for a boyfriend, check out my upcoming novel, The Watcher, which releases in March 2013 from Inkspell Publishing.

22 thoughts on “Winged Wednesdays: Ten signs your boyfriend is really an angel

  1. Artemis says:

    Nicely said. I understand that those angel boyfriends have also sometimes incarnated their large presence into a shorter form – n’est ce pas?

    • lvoisin says:

      So true! Some, especially the really humble ones, may even be bald! But those ones in particular are exceptional cooks 🙂

  2. Matthew says:

    This is too witty! Very well written piece on this rarely seen species, effectively disguised.

    — sent from my iPhone, or iPad, or iHeaven

  3. nichole says:

    Okay he fits all of the criteria from above but I’ve made so many bad choices in the past how do I know if he’s just not running some really good game on me………….

  4. Janie says:

    Ok, is this for real? There are some people who are naturally grateful, responsible, well-behaved, independent, or humble. It’s just who they are as a person. It doesn’t make them an angel.

    • CandiAngel says:

      I am more of a peaceful and loving person and hate fights but I hate to disagree about one thing… people are not naturally responsible. Responsibility is earned no matter who you are . I know because I was almost all those when I was very young except responsibility I had to continuously work on til now. That my parents can trust me with just about anything.

  5. Bill says:

    Angels are among us that’s very true as I’ve had a few in my lifetime and I find that they’er always there for you at the right time in your life. Angels a rarely strangers but usually you have known them for many years or even most of your life. Sometimes angels are made and nurtured on earth in preperation for the work cut out for the future. Angels endure many challenges throughout their lives and may not display the characteristics of our idealistic image instilled from our own nurturing in our lifes. Believe me ! those wings are earned and yes angel school is both a blessing and a test of the fittest. Nothing less than suffering for those who are in need and mostly at his own expense which is why they may display the effects of their stress with subtle hostility’s because remember they are not perfect beings just as you and I are not. You may have as many angels in your lives as needed to guide you to where you need to be or start over in life. All you have to do is reconice and be thankful that we have them to carry us when times are tough.

    • Lisa says:

      I came upon reading this because im looking for answers. My husband is 10 out of the things mentioned. He says hes lived many times. He says he has wings that were taken away from him but doesn’t know why. Hes so sensitive and says he feels everyone’s pain. He says this world is so mean. Are there such things as fallen angels. Why is he so sad all the time? I dont know what to believe…..

      • lvoisin says:

        Hi Lisa, I’d be happy to talk with you or your husband further about this. My email is lisa (at) lisavoisin dot com. Feel free to message me, so I can answer you in depth.

    • lvoisin says:

      Hi Trinity. Thanks for reaching out! Is Zyanthre his angel name? I’ve had the good fortune to meet many who remember their names. He can contact me at lisa (at) lisavoisin dot com.

  6. Armeatrice says:

    Ik my fiancee is an angel. Exceptionally dancer, celestial body (I’ve always felt like his body was god-like before I even knew.. He tells me he doesn’t rotate in earths axis..I mean everything! I have done much wrong in not understanding but I am more now, even though I make mistakes because of my doubts.. Now I’m submitting

  7. Armeatrice says:

    More to him and I’m afraid that maybe he is in angel school and will leave once either we get married or we have become that couple that we both we have the potential to be,.I’m just walking past fear and trusting God..thanks for the article and confirmation

  8. CandiAngel says:

    Hi I just read the questions and ironically I am an angel not my boyfriend. Everything match’s me perfectly. I always want to protect all around me and I can easily feel those frequencies of sadness that I am just there by ones side to cheer them up.

    • CandiAngel says:

      I even feel like I don’t belong on this earth and have no other memories but get visions or dreams of another life.

      • lvoisin says:

        Sorry I missed this until now! The message didn’t come through to me. I know many who have experienced this feeling of being connected via dreams. Happy to chat about it offline: lisa at lisavoisin dot com.

  9. Mei says:

    My boyfriend explained some things in depth last night, caught every bit of my attention. His words his appearance and his actions all add up to everything he says. He says he’s someone special, I took it as an angel of some sort… And tried to explain to me that were alike I just haven’t learned myself yet. He has been thru my life since my birthdate.. his last name is cross and he comes from “Mary land” I need someone to talk to about this because it hard to believe when.. supernatural is always tough for some to believe. But I believe in things like this . And he pointed out others who may have wondered life over and over.. that come in and out of my life. I’m from an Irish area clovers everywhere and the luck of Irish is pretty amazing .. to explain and describe my story would be wonderful also .. please when. Youre available I’d love to get onsite and more advice so I can actually believe instead of.. question it all ..

    • Mei says:

      His name is Ncross … Says he’s met God and says I will be his last fulfilment and that our time is temporary and to always remember what he teaches me.. and how he gives me all survival skills… I too am scared that marriage or a baby coming will pull our time… And I don’t ever want to lose him I love him and everything about him so much

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