Winged Wednesdays: Infernal Angels – Are They Demons?

Welcome to another Winged Wednesday post, where I ponder all things angels. Today, I heard the term “Infernal Angels” for the first time  when I landed on the New Testament Church’s website. This site talks about the infernal angels as being angels who have fallen to the point of siding with the devil. Therefore, they are demons.

Admittedly, I studied Paradise Lost before I read the Bible, so I believed John Milton’s rendition where the angels who fell from heaven and sided with Lucifer became demons.

But not everyone believes that. Some say that Lucifer didn’t become Satan at all. And then there’s the book of Enoch and the story of the Watchers. So I did a bit of looking around online to see what other people thought.

One site explains that the difference between a demon and a fallen angel is that demons are the dead, “disembodied spirits of the Nephilim/Raphaim/Anunnaki AKA hybrids of the fallen angels mixed with the seed of men.” Fallen angels, on the other hand, have bodies and cannot die, as their offspring can.

According to another site, the fallen angels were the Watchers who fell. Some equate the Watchers (a rank of angels) with Nephilim (their offspring).

So, the Watchers were:

  • Guardian angels (both good and bad)
  • also known as Grigori

After the Watchers fell, they become:

  • Evil spirits
  • Demons
  • Nephilim

The Nephilim were:

  • offspring of the Watchers
  • the Watchers themselves once they fell (hmmm, confusing?)
  • Giants
  • Gibborim (angelic hybrids (with humans?))

The spirits of the Nephilim (after their death) became:

  • Demons
  • Unclean spirits

Clear as mud? Is there any wonder people don’t keep track of these things?

Seems the consensus is still out on whether fallen angels are the same as demons, so I’m going to loosely use the term to describe both. I find it leaves plenty of room for creative license, and for more epic stories about angels and demons.

What do you think? Are demons fallen angels or their offspring? Have you heard of any other terms, perhaps from other religions, that mean the same as fallen angels or demons?


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