Six Sentence Sunday – September 9th: Excerpt from The Watcher

I’ve been on holidays off and on for the month of August so I’ve missed a few Sundays in a row. I’m glad to be back now. For those of you who don’t know, Six Sentence Sundays, is a place for authors to share, or showcase, six sentences from a work in progress or completed work.

My six sentences today are a little further into by upcoming young adult romantic thriller, The Watcher. In the first chapter, Mia is chased by a strange and horrible creature that mysteriously disappears. In its place is a man, who walks away (described here). Later that day, she sees that same man at the mall.

In the park, he’d been in shadows. Now, sunlight from the domed ceiling caught the dust particles in the air and bathed him in a golden light—as though he were the Persian sun god Mithra himself—and for a moment, I forgot everything that had happened.

It was one of those rare times where I wished I could paint, just so I could catch the effect of that light playing off his skin. His features belonged in a painting too: straight nose, even jaw, full lips that curled slightly at the edges as though something amused him. Under any other circumstances, I might have found him attractive. That is, if my stomach hadn’t kept turning over from the second I recognized him.

If you’re feeling a little disoriented, and want to know how it all started, try the posts in this order: (One day, I hope to be able to share the entirety of chapter one. But until then, here are some sneak peeks.)

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