Winged Wednesdays: Five Great Movies About Angels

Welcome to Winged Wednesdays, where I talk about my favorite winged beings–angels! In today’s post, I’m going to talk about my top five films about angels.

1. Wings of Desire:

This beautiful film by Wim Wenders tells the story of two angels who roam Berlin watching over humans, unseen and unheard. One the angels falls in love with a trapeze artist and chooses to become human so he can experience human love. This movie inspired the US film, City of Angels. It’s beautifully filmed in black and white with color coming in after the angel falls. This film also inspired my own work, to some extent, and one of the characters in my novel, The Watcher, got his name from this movie (hmmm… this could be a trivia question later).

This movie’s sequel, Faraway So Close, is also worth mentioning, but I enjoyed Wings of Desire more.

2. Constantine:

This is a fantasy, based on the Hellblazer comics, starring Keanu Reeves as chain smoking John Constantine, an irreverent supernatural detective who has the ability to see half-angels and half-demons in the human world. His gifts led him to attempt to kill himself, and now he seeks salvation from eternal damnation by exorcising demons in hopes of earning favor with Heaven. I love the grittiness and the visual effects in this film.

3. Fallen:

This is a thriller starring Denzel Washington who plays an honorable cop who witnesses the state execution of a killer, only to find that more deaths are happening with the killer’s MO. What he eventually discovers is a demon who possesses people through touch and travels from one person to the next. This is a scary film, especially because it seems so realistic.

4. Michael:

This fantasy, starring John Travolta, is just plain funny. I think I like this film for its irreverence. It’s campy and silly, and I’ll never forget John Travolta molting or smoking a cigarette.

5. It’s a Wonderful Life:

Of all the other angel films, I had to include this one, because I think I’ve watched it every Christmas  since I was a kid. I also didn’t want all the movies I mentioned to be dark or irreverent. If you haven’t seen it, here’s the plot synopsis.

Honorable mentions:

I should also note that both City of Angels and Meet Joe Black are good angel films too. So is The Mothman Prophecies. (In fact, if you asked me to describe my book, I’d say it was City of Angels meets Constantine with a bit of The Mothman Prophecies thrown in for good measure). There are many to choose from, and I know I haven’t seen every angel movie out there. I’m always looking for a good recommendation. Which ones are your favorites?

4 thoughts on “Winged Wednesdays: Five Great Movies About Angels

  1. S says:

    Just wanted to add my own kudos for “Wings of Desire”. It is slow paced, not your US style film. I wanted to mention Peter Falk, who guest stars as Peter Falk filming a movie in Germany and has an uncanny awareness of when there is an angel in his vicinity. Falk is brilliant in this movie…..

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