Six Sentence Sunday

Hello and welcome top another Six Sentence Sunday, where writers, both published and yet to be published, share six sentences from one of their manuscripts or works in progress (WIPs).

For this one, I decided to go right back to the beginning of my upcoming novel, and give you the first six sentences. So here it is without further introduction, the opening of The Watcher:

I’d never seen a dead body before.

The man lay on the ground near an uprooted tree stump with his face turned away. His tangled gray hair glimmered like ancient pewter in the late summer sun. He wore plaid pants with muddy cuffs and leather shoes split with holes. His tattered brown coat, stained from years of wear, was far too warm for daytime. Had he been here all night?

That’s my six. Thank you for visiting. I hope you liked them.

Please share your thoughts and comments below. Visit some of the other participants at:


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