Winged Wednesdays – Angel Sightings

Welcome to my first Winged Wednesdays post. These posts will talk about  angels. I’ll include trivia, talks and photos for all you angel and angel fiction fans out there.

A few months ago, I wrote a post about angels and whether or not they exist, in Angels – Do YOU Believe? Whether or not you believe in them, I want to take this a step further and share with you some photos I’ve found online of angel sightings.

First of all, let me start by saying that we live in an age of Photoshop and CGI imaging, and there are some very talented people out there who do that sort of thing. But I wanted to do an X-Files type post where I look at the images and have some fun with them. Maybe these images are real, and maybe they aren’t. Even though I leave it up to you to decide.

Doidge Angel

The “Doidge angel” photo was found on some film purchased in a British junk shop. With the film were several letters from a man named William Doidge to an American soldier from World War 2. Apparently the soldier’s friend had seen an angel appear above a lake just before twenty Canadian soldiers were drowned during a pontoon bridge collapse in Gloucestershire. (If you’ve ever seen the movie The Mothman Prophecies – doesn’t the bridge thing sound a little familiar?). This soldier also apparently told Doidge he’d seen an angel at Woodchester Mansion and believed it to be an ill omen. Determined to find proof of the existence of angels, Doidge went to Woodchester Mansion and photographed this himself in 1952. Doidge apparently said this about the photo:

‘I could see what looked like long white robes. It had no feet and there were shapes like wings behind its shoulders. I can’t prove what I saw was an angel, but I swear it’s the truth.’  1

Doidge angel

I love this image because it’s old and grainy, which makes it just a little creepy. What do you think? Could it be real? Would an angel make itself visible on film like that? If so, why?

Apparently this whole story started when Doidge heard about a group of angels who protected the British soldiers at the Battle of Mons in France. You can find out more about that battle here and here.

Angel in Mecca

The other angel video I want to feature today is a clip of an angel on the Kaba in Mecca in 2008. This is interesting in its detail and demonstrates the universality of the belief in angels.

This video intrigues me because it tracks the angel’s movements and then shows the angel itself. It’s quite a stunning image.

So what do you think? Is the Doidge angel real? How about the angel over Mecca? Does seeing images like this make you wonder? Or does it all seem like a big hoax?

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