Heeding the “Call of the Sea” – a Great New Read by Rebecca Hart

Let me start by saying I love selkies, and pirates are pretty awesome too. So, when I had the opportunity to read a romance between a girl pirate and a male selkie, I could hardly wait. Call of the Sea, by Rebecca Hart, was the romantic adventure I hoped it to be.

Right from the start, the main character, Ellie, got my attention with her headstrong impulsiveness. In a time where women were raised to be chattel, she longed for her independence, and, most of all, to explore the open sea.

But it was Daniel who really won me over. His connection to Ellie began in childhood when he befriended her in his seal form. (I always wanted a pet seal!) Daniel is a good romantic lead. Just as headstrong as Ellie, his inner warmth and goodness makes him very lovable. You can’t help but fall for his beauty and sincerity. While he’s masculine and strong, there’s a powerful yin of gentleness and integrity inside him that balances out Ellie’s tomboyish yang. I rooted for him through the entire novel.  The love story between him and Ellie is a very believable battle of wills, that makes for great chemistry.

I don’t like spoilers in reviews, so I’m not going to give away the plot. You can read more about Call of the Sea here. In my opinion, it’s a vividly-written, lovely romance and an action-packed adventure that I didn’t want to end.


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