Watchers – What are They?

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According to the Old Testament, Watchers were angels sent to observe humanity during the early stages of our civilization. These Watchers were referred to as the “holy ones” and considered benevolent.

In the book of Enoch, the Watchers were also called the Grigori. Apparently 200 of these angels fell to the sin of lust, when they fornicated (gasp!) with the daughters of man. Their offspring were called the Nephilim. More on the Book of Enoch in this post.

Of course, being biblical history, it’s difficult to prove when that was. According to some sources, civilization began between 6000-8000 years ago. More recently, ruins were found off the Bay of Cambray in India that are 9,500 years old and may redefine when civilization actually began.

In any case, little is truly known of the watchers. Their existence is shrouded in mystery which makes them perfect mythological creatures for works of fiction. (Obviously, I think so! Given that I’ve written a book called The Watcher.) They can be good or bad, tough or rife with weakness. Since so little is known of them, much is left to the author’s imagination.

What book have you read recently about fallen angels or watchers? If you haven’t read one, is there another mythological creature that you prefer? I’d love to hear it.

For those who are interested, other links about the watchers can be found here:

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10 thoughts on “Watchers – What are They?

  1. Stephanie says:

    Up until about Book 3 I’d say Patch from the Hush, Hush series was my favorite dark angel. He still is, but I’ve lost patience with Nora–not sure if I’ll finish the series when the next book comes out. And now you’ve REALLY got me interested in The Watcher!!!

  2. lvoisin says:

    Thanks Stephanie! I really quite enjoyed Patch too, in all his badness 🙂 AND I lost patience with Nora a bit too.

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