U is for Unrequited Love

A few years ago, The Guardian put together a list of the ten best examples of unrequited love.

I’d add a few to this list, because I think unrequited love is used to build tension in a novel. There’s usually confusion on the main character’s part about someone’s affection for them, sometimes it’s tragic, sometimes it leads to great adventure.  For instance, it is Tristran Thorn’s unrequited love for Victoria, in Stardust, that leads him out on a great adventure where he meets Yvaine, his true love.

Unrequited love is a theme found in so many love stories, because everyone can relate to it on some level. It’s in most love triangle story lines, where one of the parties is not loved as much, or the way they wish to be, by the other party, usually because person A is mooning over person B. Person C is always left out, or loved as ‘the friend’. How many examples do we see of this? Jacob in Twilight, Puck in the Iron Fey series, Gayle in The Hunger Games, Simon in the Mortal Instruments.

Speaking of the Mortal Instruments, brings me to a quote from Jace, in City of Bones (couldn’t resist): “Declarations of love amuse me. Especially when unrequited.”

We are amused by unrequited love, mostly because we have all been there. Since it was a huge part of my own high school experience, I can always relate to it. How about you, if you had a list of Young Adult stories about unrequited love, which ones would you add?


6 thoughts on “U is for Unrequited Love

  1. sharkbytes says:

    I can never quite understand the power of the motive, but it sure is out there. I’m trying to visit all the A-Z Challenge Blogs this month. My alphabet is at myqualityday.blogspot.com

  2. Ariane says:

    I’d add The Little Mermaid in its original version. I find the story so achingly poignant. The Little Mermaid loved the Prince, but he didn’t love her in the same way.

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