Seven Deadly Sins – What Do You Think?

Not being raised Catholic (despite my French surname), my knowledge of the seven deadly sins growing up was patchy at best. In fact, it wasn’t until I saw the movie Se7en (Starring Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman and Kevin Spacey) that I even considered them. The movie brought these sins to life. To this day, I cannot think of Wrath and Envy without thinking of Brad Pitt and Kevin Spacey. (If you haven’t seen the movie, do). Such is the power of fiction.

I’ve sometimes heard the seven deadly sins referred to as the seven venial sins, but that’s a misnomer. Venial sins are forgivable, but the seven capital (or deadly) sins (or cardinal vices), apparently, are not.

In 604 AD, Pope Gregory described the seven capital (or deadly) sins as:

1. Superbia Pride
2. Invidia Envy
3. Ira Anger
4. Avaritia Avarice
5. Tristia Sadness
6. Gula Gluttony
7. Luxuria Lust


Later, the sin of Tristia, or sadness, became Accidie or sloth, which was the based on the disinclination for monks to pray, apparently.

I won’t go into it more today, not when Wikipedia covers the topic so well. I allude to the seven deadly sins in my novel, The Watcher, so the topic is of great interest to me.

But, today, I don’t want to talk about me. I want to ask you personal questions. Do you believe sin is deadly? That our actions can be unforgivable in the eyes of a higher power (like God)? or can we be redeemed? Does calling something a sin, and being told it’s unforgivable, perhaps affect your relationship with yourself? With others? With God, or your ability to believe in such things?

Or, if you like, tell me your favorite deadly sin. I once had a martini named “Lust,” and I gotta say, it was great!

Comments welcome and encouraged, as always!


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