P is for Pretty Boys: Top 5 Pretty Boys in YA Fantasy and Paranormal Romance

They’ve all got super powers, be it strength, agility, or eternal life, but what makes those boys so popular in Young Adult paranormal romance? Some of them are funny, dark, dangerous. Some are even kind. But let’s face it, as shallow as it sounds, all of them are pretty!

I’ve read a fair bit of YA fiction over the past few years and paranormal romance long before Twilight made it popular. (I was more of an Anne Rice and Laurell K. Hamilton fan in my youth). From what I’ve read, here’s my top five list of pretty boys.

  1. Edward Cullen from Twilight: Face it, you read the books or saw the movie. As much as we like to tease about him and possibly sick Buffy the Vampire Slayer on him, Edward is pretty. What could be prettier than a sparkly vampire? Jacob also deserves an honorable mention, and if I had my choice, I’d always pick the pretty werewolf over the pretty vampire, but that’s because I live in a cool climate and like my boys a bit more warm-blooded.

Here’s the famous Buffy vs. Edward video:

  1. Patch from Hush, Hush. This guy is bad, seriously bad, and if he didn’t look so stunning no teenage girl would let him near them. But he’s an angel – albeit a fallen one. In fact, if he looked his age, he’d be, well, dust. But, he is pretty, so that makes it okay to lust after him, right?
  2. Jace Wayland from The Mortal Instruments. He’s described as looking like an angel, and Clary often refers to him as beautiful and leonine. Arrogant, sarcastic, and sometimes cruel, Jace is fierce and has some of the best lines I’ve heard out of a teen character. More about Jace here…
  3. Will Herondale from The Infernal Devices (Clockwork Angel, Clockwork Prince): Hats off to Cassandra Clare for knowing exactly how to create pretty boys for her readers. Like Jace, Will is sarcastic and cruel and pretty in a completely different, well-dressed, Victorian English way.
  4. Ash from The Iron Fey series (Iron King, Iron Daughter, etc…) by Julie Kigawa: With his dark hair and silver eyes, Ash is a very pretty faerie indeed. What makes him even prettier is his cruelty. He’s like the male version of Keat’s La Belle Dame Sans Merci.

That’s it for today. Surely, I have barely read a fraction of the YA Paranormal Romances and Urban Fantasies out there, so I’m sure there are other pretty boys worthy of this list. Who would you add? Include him in the comments below, including the book he’s from, so I can add it to my reading list.


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