O is for Octopus – Leaving Your Comfort Zone

Well, in honor of the letter O, I thought I’d apply the idea of leaving your comfort zone to the lovely octopus.

The octopus is a mollusk, with two eyes and four sets of arms. It lives in the ocean. According to Wikipedia, “they have numerous strategies for defending themselves against predators, including the expulsion of ink, the use of camouflage and deimatic displays, their ability to jet quickly through the water, and their ability to hide.”

But what really impresses me is the story of how crabs (or fish) went missing every night in an aquarium. Each morning, the staff would come in and notice crabs (or fish) missing. There’s an urban legend, proven to be true on Snopes.com about this. When the staff put a camera in the room where the octopus was, they discovered the octopus would leave his tank every night, crawl across the floor, remove the lid of a crab tank, steal a crab and eat it, then replace the lid and then return to his own tank. This is pure genius!

Here’s a video of it actually happening.

Octopii live in the ocean. It is their natural environment; land isn’t. But this octopus managed to leave his natural world and hunt, all the while returning everything to normal. He left his comfort zone and got himself the reward of a midnight snack.

I’ve seen many articles on leaving the comfort zone and it being where all the magic happens, like this one:

Click the image for the original article

Hats off to the octopus, for how often to we do that? How about you? Have you left your ‘tank ‘recently? If so, what magic did you find there?


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