N is for Neil Gaiman

Today’s N is for Neil Gaiman. I don’t want to go all fangirl on you, but I’ve been a lifelong fan of Mr. Gaiman’s, ever since I first read his Sandman series (yes, when it was being published monthly by DC Comics). Of all the author’s I’ve read and loved, Neil’s unique voice is one I return to again and again. I read his first novel, Good Omens – which he co-wrote with Terry Pratchett, so many times I lost count. It’s about a bungled apocalypse, and its dark humor changed the way I looked at the world. Seriously. The idea of a demon as a main character who drives a Bentley that run on demonic power and turns every tape into Queen’s Greatest Hits. Who wouldn’t love that?

I have comics signed by him from back when I was in university that said “Keep writing” – because I told him I wanted to be a writer. I took those words to heart and never gave up. It was the first time an author said to me, “you can do it, too.” And it meant the world to me.

Here are a few of Neil’s books, if you haven’t read them:


Ironically, I listened to one of my favorite stories of his (a radio play called Murder Mysteries) quite recently and realized I used the name Raguel in my novel, The Watcher. Though, the Raguel in my piece is different, the name stuck.

Since Neil’s work has inspired me for a long time, I’m not surprised to see something of his suffuse my unconscious and spill out onto the page. I’ve got to give credit, and thanks, where it’s due.

How about you? Who’s your favorite author? If you’re a writer, which authors inspired you?


9 thoughts on “N is for Neil Gaiman

  1. cecemuoki says:

    The only Neil Gaiman’S book I’ve ever read is Stardust. And I loved it. I’ve been meaning to get some of his other books, but somehow I haven’t. Thanks for this reminder. 🙂

  2. Laura Marcella says:

    Hello, Lisa! I’m reading Good Omens right now! My sister recommended it to me. It’s pretty funny! I’m a little more than half way through Saturday…the end is near!! 😉 I’ve also read Coraline, The Graveyard Book, and Stardust. Neil Gaiman is a terrific author!

    Have a lovely week and happy A to Z!!

    • lvoisin says:

      Hi Laura, Happy A to Z to you too! So glad you’re enjoying Good Omens. it’s my favorite, though I loved Stardust and the Anansi Boys too.

  3. mel says:

    I heard him talk a few years ago at a writer’s festival in Singapore and couldn’t stop laughing – he is just a great storyteller both in writing and in speech (I can tell you an insider story too from a friend’s friend if you e-mail me about this heh). My favourite Gaiman book is American Gods. I’m glad you got that encouragement from him to be a writer – everybody needs that cheerleader in life.

    • lvoisin says:

      Hi Mel, I’d love to hear the insider story. I’m at lisa_voisin at hotmail dot com. I can’t find your email address on your blog. Maybe I’m not looking in the right places?

  4. Catherine Stine says:

    Wow, that’s cool that Neil G was such a mentor to you.I know he has a devoted following too. I read Coraline-good stuff. I write YA too-my YA futuristic thriller, Fireseed One is just out-I’m in A to Z, so pop over if you like! Catherine
    (Catherine Stine’s Idea City)

    • lvoisin says:

      Hi Catherine,Thanks for stopping by! Yeah, I thought it was pretty cool of him to be so encouraging to a complete stranger. I’ll definitely pop in for a visit! Happy A to Z!

  5. anoveljournal says:

    Hi Lisa, I was introduced to Neil Gaiman by my boyfriend who loves comic books and the fantasy genre. I fell in love with American Gods because it seemed to bridge fantasy – which I haven’t yet connected with as much – and reality. You’re right – Neil Gaiman’s voice is incredible.
    Though I have many favourite authors, there is one contemporary Canadian author with whom I feel I really connect: Miriam Toews. Have you read any of her books? A Complicated Kindness is the most well known, but I especially love The Flying Troutmans, and her latest, Irma Voth.

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