G – Grace Under Pressure

Perhaps you know people like this: they take life lightly, are always in a good mood. When the sh*t hits the fan, they handle it, so well, you’d never know there was a problem. When they enter a room, it lights up. Everyone loves them. They have grace.

If there’s one quality that I wish I could magically acquire, it would be grace. But, alas, in those truly difficult moments, when the going gets tough, I forget to “Keep Calm and Carry On.” I try to rise above, but I have moments where worry, stress, sadness and fear trip me up. And when I do, it happens at the most inopportune times.

Today is one of those days. My fiance and I have two house guests staying with us in our tiny two bedroom apartment. It’s so full right now with the living room and spare bedroom full of suitcases, beds and shoes. Everywhere I turned, I was bumping into someone or something. My cats were fighting with me, with each other. One was sick, shredding my arm when I tried to give him medicine. My home, usually my sanctuary, no longer felt safe.

In an attempt to cheer myself and get some space, I went for a reflexology treatment — seeking the next best thing to privacy, the anonymity of being out in public with strangers. Well, I spent the entire treatment crying. I felt bad for the practitioner. I told him it was just me having a tough day and that he was doing a wonderful job (he was), but I couldn’t stop crying. How awkward for him! But when I was done, I felt so much better. My practitioner had the grace under pressure to deal with me.

I want to hear from you. Have you ever had moments where you were less than graceful? Where you wished you could have handled a situation differently? How were other people with you? Were you judged for your transgressions? Or did you find someone who had the grace to help you?


2 thoughts on “G – Grace Under Pressure

  1. Francene says:

    Once, in the 80s, I tried reflexology. Generally speaking, I handle pressure well. But something about the kindness offered enticed a response the way you’ve described it. However, instead of acting in an appropriate way, the practitioner kissed me. A light, gentel kiss on the lips, but nonetheless not welcome.

  2. lvoisin says:

    Hi Francene,

    Thank you for sharing that experience. Oh my goodness,that kiss is so inappropriate! I’m sorry that happened! I only hope nothing like that has happened since.

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