F – Four Types of Fire

Today’s post is about fire. As I approach the Friday of my first week of this A-to-Z Blog Challenge, I’m noticing a theme emerge. Everything I’m talking about, in some way, relates to my upcoming novel, The Watcher. It wasn’t intentional, but I’ve completed the final stage of edits, and I’ve spent the last three years working on this project to the point where it has seeped into my unconscious and become a part of my life.

So, fire. It represents so many things: passion, excitement, the spark of a new idea and the drive to see it to fruition.

It’s also an element, necessary to life. When cavemen discovered it, our ancestors were able to cook their food and stay warm at night. In The Watcher, I work with the following types of fire:

  • Physical fire, the element of fire, found in fireplaces and candlelight.
  • The fire and heat of passion, love and lust between the main characters.
  • Hellfire. This is a red fire used by one of the demons to wound the angels. It leaves no mark on the physical world.
  • Heavenly fire. Emitting from an angel’s sword, this fire damages demons but won’t hurt humans.

And there you have it, four types of fire.

Just to add some fun to this blog, I’m also going to add link to a video for a really old video: U2 – Fire.


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