E is for… Enoch

Enoch is a character from the Bible, who was apparently the father of Methuselah and the great-grandfather of Noah. (More on Wikipedia.)

While some of his peers apparently lived hundreds of years, Enoch’s only lived to be 365. But, some writings claim he became the the angel Metatron –  the celestial scribe.

Enoch also wrote The Book of Enoch (there were 3 books actually). These esoteric texts were excluded from the Bible. The first book has been included in some Jewish texts, because it tells of The Watchers—the angels, or Grigori, who slept with the daughters of man. Their offspring became giants, called the Nephilim. (For those who like etymology, the word “nephilim” comes from “the Hebrew root npl (נָפַל), “to fall” which also includes “to cause to fall” and “to kill, to ruin”. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nephilim.)

Sometimes, Enoch is likened to the prophet Idris in the Qur’an who also became exalted by god. The Latter Day Saints think Enoch was the founder of Zion.

This is just a brief introduction to Enoch. What have you heard about him? have you heard of the Book of Enoch before? The Watchers? Enoch becoming Metatron?

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