C is for Cravings – What do you crave?

So many words begin with the letter C, like courage, and character, and even crazy. All these are worthy topics. But when I realized that three of my favourite flavours (<–note the Canadian spelling) also started with C–chocolate, caramel, and coffee–I had to talk to you about cravings.

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a craving is an intense, urgent, or abnormal desire or longing for something.

While, in and of themselves, desire and longing are beautiful things. Properly placed, intense desire can be a thing of beauty. Even urgency can. But abnormal? Now, that put the brakes on! Abnormal suggests a lack of self-control. As though by craving something, you are crossing a line that other people wouldn’t cross. Sounds a little frightening, doesn’t it?

In that context, cravings represent the base side of our nature. And yet, we all have them (which makes the idea of them being “abnormal” a moot point). For instance, I have recently kicked a sugar habit that was totally ruling my life (and shed almost 90lbs as a result). But still, I’m not free of cravings. They’re just different now. I still crave coffee in the morning to give me a kickstart for my day. Seems innocent enough. That need for coffee is most certainly a craving. It borders on addiction.

People crave all sorts of things. Not just coffee, or chocolate or drugs. Some have deeper cravings. Like cravings for love? sex? alcohol?

Could there be that at the base of each craving is a hole in us that needs to be filled? Places where we feel incomplete?  Could that craving be a way to avoid something else? It could be boredom, or emotions like sadness, anger, and fear. When we have a craving, what if we ask ourselves: “What am I trying to avoid?”

Oh, look! Time for coffee!

I welcome your input. We all crave something. What do you crave?


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