Angels – Do YOU Believe?

“I forget to pray for the angels and then the angels forget to pray for us” Leonard Cohen
First of all, I thought it might be good to define what I mean by angels. Each religious doctrine refers to angels in its own way, but the common thread is that they are supernatural beings who act as messengers of God. it’s a pretty broad description, so that could take many forms. I’m not an angelologist, but since I’ve written a book featuring angels, it might seem obvious that I like them enough to dedicate a few years of my life writing about them.
But do I actually believe in them? This isn’t a question that you’d ask your average Urban Fantasy author. We wouldn’t normally ask – do you believe in vampires? Werewolves? How about faeries?
But do you believe in angels? Now there’s a question!
Here would be an ideal place to tell you about some life-changing event that opened my eyes to the world of angels. But I don’t have one. I don’t technically believe in angels. At least not in the traditional sense of winged beings who carry harps and hang around the clouds. But those are just stories, and I believe stories tell us things. And I do believe in messengers.
I guess it began several years ago, when I fell out of a boat.
I was white water rafting along Ontario’s Ottawa River, when a giant wave grabbed me and pulled me under. The water was deep, and I seemed to fall forever. I didn’t hit bottom, but for a moment, I was suspended, like I hovered there, surrounded by sunlight and an immense feeling of peace.
For a moment, I was shown my life–just like in the movies. I wondered if this was it, was I going to die? But I was told–yes, told–that it wasn’t my time yet, that I many wonderful things ahead of me.
Then my life jacket did its job, and I popped to the surface of the water like a cork.
I never forgot that moment. Did I see angels? With white robes and fluffy wings? Harps?
No. But I heard something, and felt a presence. It wasn’t until later that I learned how to feel that presence. I learned to do this in meditation.
How about you? What is your concept of angels? Perhaps it’s someone who helped you in your life or brought a healing. Or perhaps it’s some energy or presence that made you feel calm or peace. Even if you haven’t seen them, or experienced them first hand, do YOU believe in them?

4 thoughts on “Angels – Do YOU Believe?

  1. a.eye says:

    Wow! What a story. I’m not sure that I believe in angels, but I have heard from several people experiences not too unlike yours – some sort of presence. I would love to feel it… maybe it could guide me in my life choices. Good luck with the A to Z, this is my first time doing it.

  2. lvoisin says:

    Hey A.Eye! Thanks for stopping by and reading my story! It was a life-changing moment. This is my first A to Z too! Good luck to you!

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