Awesome Links for Editing and Polishing

I’ve been finding these amazing writing links lately.

Rather than applying to first drafts, these relate more to the editing phases of writing a novel, and I’ve found them so helpful as I edit my first novel.

So, without further ado, here are some of my favorite writing resources:
The Emotion Thesaurus – a handy reference for showing emotion, rather than telling it:

The Turkey City Lexicon – a list of some of the more niggly writing mistakes: (each one is a little different)

How to avoid “eye” bookisms:, and its follow up, penned by my mentor:

Expressing Cardinal Emotions, Male vs. Female – a great study in how different genders express themselves:

Character Traits Thesaurus: I just discovered this one today, so I haven’t looked at it much, but already, I’m intrigued:

Do you know any good writer resources for editing and polishing a draft? Please share them below.


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